Sunshine Juice aims to realize a sustainable society, and since its inception,
the company has made various efforts to not only incorporate
the nutritional benefits of fresh ingredients from producers around Japan,
but also to create an environment that is friendly to the earth.

A part of Sunshine Juice's efforts was introduced on TV Asahi's "Super J Channel". The program introduces Sunshine Juice's cold-pressed juices and its efforts toward a recycling-oriented society.


Reduction of food loss

SDGs Reduction of food loss
SDGs Reduction of food loss

Sunshine Juice actively collects ingredients that are difficult to sell solely because of their appearance. We are particular about the quality of the vegetables we juice, but we do not care what shape they are in. We believe that by selling vegetables that would have otherwise gone to waste or as fertilizer because they did not sell, the growers will be happy and the customers will be able to enjoy tasty, nutritious juice at the most affordable price possible.

Effective use of juice pulp (squeezed lees)

Sunshine Juice continues its efforts to make effective use of the juice pulp (squeezed lees) that remains after being separated in the cold-pressed juice production process.

Used as a broth for vegan soup (vegetable broth)

SDGs Vegan Soup

The seeds, skin, and roots left over from juice pulping also retain phytochemicals, which are nutrients that can be extracted by heating. By using these for broth, vegan soups and vegan curries can be made delicious and full of nutrients.

Contribute to composting by returning to the soil

SDGs Composting
SDGs Composting

We will return the juice residue to the microorganisms in the soil to have them ferment and contribute to better soil. We propose to connect with nature by making juice again with vegetables made from that soil. (@cosmic_compost)

Provided as a dye

SDGs Compost making
SDGs Compost making
SDGs Compost making

The lees (residue) of the vegetables and fruits used in Sunshine Juice's juices retain beautiful and powerful natural "colors". In order to allow people to experience its natural power in their daily lives as much as possible, we provide the residue as a dye to various partners, including Lefts, (@leftstokyo), a product brand that makes various remedyware such as aprons and bags using botanical dye.

Reduction of plastic waste and disposal

Review packaging containing plastic materials

SDGs Reduction of plastic waste and disposal
SDGs Reduction of plastic waste and disposal

Sunshine Juice's raw nut packaging was featured at the G20 Innovation Exhibition, an event held in conjunction with the G20 Ministerial Meeting on Energy Transition and Global Environment for Sustainable Growth in Karuizawa, Japan, June 15-16, 2019. As part of its efforts to combat marine plastic waste, Sunshine Juice will review its conventional packaging containing plastic materials and adopt kraft barrier paper packaging. Sunshine Juice will continue to gradually reduce the amount of plastic used and recycle.