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Kundou Koyama

Broadcast Writer / Scriptwriter

Broadcaster, scriptwriter, radio personality, president of N35 inc. President of Shimogamo Saryo Inc. and Vice President of Kyoto University of Art and Design. He has planned numerous programs including "The Humiliation of Canossa," "Go! He has been involved in the planning and composition of numerous TV programs, including "The Humiliation of Canossa," "Go! He has also written numerous books, including essays. He is also the creator of "Kumamon.

Sunshine Juice (SJ): I would like to talk to Mr. Koyama, who helped us with the development of "D.J.". Thank you very much for your cooperation. First of all, please tell us again about the background of your cooperation.

Mr. Koyama: First of all, I have always tried to eat as light a diet as possible in my life where I am constantly meeting for dinner, but on the other hand, I also find that eating itself is one of the "Slettuce solutions" in my busy daily life. When I am short on time, I tend to eat carbohydrates that fill me up quickly, so I wanted to find an alternative to that. I have my own food-themed radio show, so I asked Sunshine Juice if I could develop something together with them.

Our goal was to make it
"not so good there" (laughs)

SJ:Thank you very much. D.J. is now a recipe of kale + moringa + apple + lemon.

Mr. Koyama:First of all, I wanted to make a juice that could be consumed continuously. However, I also thought that "too good tasting" would mean "high sugar content," so I tried to find a balance between "not too bad tasting but not too good tasting. Also, I think it is important for the juice to be effective, so I aimed to make the juice "tasteless enough so that you can feel that it is effective" (laugh).

D.J. is the juice for fat people

SJ:I see. (laughs) Also, I would like to ask you about naming?

Mr. Koyama:Yes, it originally started as a radio show, so it is "DJ," but it is also "Daily Juice," which continues every day, and the concept behind it also includes the meaning of "juice for fat people.

Interview with Kundou Koyama

SJ:It's juice with many different themes (laughs). By the way, I know many people are curious about Koyama-san diet, but what kind of diet do you usually follow?

Mr. Koyama:I often don't eat much in the morning. Lunch is often a quick meal in between work, and most evenings are dinners. In the past, I used to have a lunchtime dinner as well. I have been living that way for decades. But now I want to change that. I would rather eat in the morning and have "D.J." for lunch because I can't avoid dinner at night.

D.J. is a near-ideal shape
for a burden-free

SJ:You mentioned during the radio recording that you are the heaviest you have ever been, but I didn't get the impression that you were that "fat". Is there anything you do to take care of your body, such as dieting or exercising?

Mr. Koyama:Hmmm... I try to do things like swimming at a sports club or walking 1,000 steps, for example. I often stop because of my busy schedule (laugh), so I think it would be good if I could do it without putting a burden on myself. So, "D.J." is close to the ideal for me. However, "D.J." alone makes me hungry, so I have "D.J. + salad" or "D.J. + soup". The Sunshine Juice tomato lentil I had the other day was also very tasty.

SJ:Thank you very much! How is your body feeling now that you have actually continued with "D.J."?

Mr. Koyama:My weight has been coming down a little by little. However, I had a business trip to Nagasaki this week, and after eating about two bowls of chanpon and Sara Udon noodles with each meal for three days, I gained it back, (laughs).

Interview with Kundou Koyama

SJ:That's amazing...(laughs) But there are many people in Ms. Koyama's position, and we would like people in that position to drink D.J. In the past, we have sold products such as juice cleanses, in which you spend an entire day on juice alone, and many people have accepted them, but there were many people who were interested but could not do so because of their own schedules and other reasons.

Mr. Koyama:For those who are interested in a juice cleanse, but are not ready to take the plunge, or who have to eat and can't leave a whole day or two free, I think it would be great to try "D.J." as a "petit fast" or "one meal fast" or something like that. I think it is a good idea.

SJ:However, when we talk about "D.J." to those around us, there are many people who are interested, but still feel psychologically challenged, thinking, "If I don't eat lunch, I'll be too hungry," or "I wonder if I can do it myself. How should we communicate with such people?

D.J. for a spiritually fulfilling hunger

Mr. Koyama:I see. If that's the case, I don't think it's just juice, but "D.J. "+salad" or "D.J. "+soup. I don't know if it's instinctive or what, but I feel that skipping one meal without eating anything at all and skipping one meal with juice in your body makes a huge difference in how hungry you are. I'm hungry, but I feel satisfied, so I don't feel like I'm starving. I am sure it is because I am getting the nutrition my body needs. I can experience a "mentally satisfied hunger.

SJ:I like "spiritually satisfied hunger." Thank you, Mr. Koyama.


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